Oil & Gas Filters

The West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd (WAPET) announced the first ever discovery of high-grade crude oil in Australia way back in 1953. Yet it took another decade before the Oil & Gas industry really made its mark when operations went offshore.

In the late sixties Filter Supplies established a relationship with WAPET, ensuring the industry’s filtration requirements were being met. WAPET was of course absorbed by Chevron and there has been an ongoing emergence of key Oil & Gas players ever since. Filter Supplies has continued to serve the industry, dealing with all the major players in Western Australia.

Filtration solutions for Oil & Gas

Our filtration solutions for Oil & Gas are holistic:

  • We hold in-depth knowledge of the specialist filtration requirements, specific to the Oil & Gas industry.
  • We have the capacity to service the industry across Australia and throughout the World; our experience is vast, not only in Australia, but South East Asia too.
  • First fill spares provider to numerous Western Australian oil & gas projects.

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