Domestic Filters

Since 1967 we have served the community with filtration products for just about any application you could think of.

We get asked all sorts of questions about the filtration products we supply or to advise on the filtration issues customers need resolved. We love to assist, with professional advice based on our years of experience. From cars and trucks, through to lawnmowers, motorbikes, small engines and more. If it has a motor, it needs a filter – and we’re the best qualified people in the business to supply them.

There is never a job too big or small, so please feel welcome to ask us at any time. Our door is always open to the people of Western Australia.

Filter supplies for Western Australians

The following filtration products are commonly requested by our customer from WA:

  • Filter Supplies endeavours to keep the very latest applications in stock. Even if you have the newest model chances are we will have the right filter on our shelf.
  • We stock a massive range of light industrial filters.
  • And of course, filters for your automobiles. Race cars, race bikes…in fact anything that you’ve modified, we can help you find the right filter for it.
  • We specialise in stocking applications for 4WDs; from additional fuel filters to pre-cleaners.
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