Agricultural Filters

The Ash family is no stranger to agriculture; we’re from farming stock ourselves. We understand you have seasonal needs and we know, in detail, the filtration requirements you have.

We increase our already considerable supply of agricultural filtration products ahead of seeding and harvesting. We know that you cannot afford to be stranded in your field with a header down. We will arrange to have your parts to you immediately, without having to wait for stock to arrive from other parts of Australia or overseas.

Filtration solutions for Agriculture

Our filtration solutions for Agriculture:

  • We have intimate knowledge of the equipment you have on your property; from the oldest Chamberlain to your modern 36 foot cut American Header. And we also know what filtration solutions are popular among the farming community.
  • We operate a special collection service for farmers all year round. Just email, call or fax us the day before you head to Perth the filter products you need, and we will have them ready for collection when you arrive. We understand your time spent away from the farm is limited and precious; every minute needs to be productive.
  • Alternatively, Filter Supplies coordinates nightly courier collections. Simply tell us who your preferred country carrier is and we will package up the stock ready for the courier to take that same night.
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