The Naked Truth: OEM Filters vs Aftermarket Filters

Understanding how the filters market works and what you do and don’t need can save you serious money.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have a vested interest in keeping you purchasing the filters they supply.

The untold story of aftermarket filters is an interesting one so get ready for a massive truth download.

If you think there is anything special about OEM filters – there isn’t.

Just about every OEM (apart from Cummins) has their filters made by an aftermarket filter manufacturer.

Spare part sales provide the bulk of revenue for many OEM dealers. We have written this eBook to debunk the myth of pushed by original equipment manufacturers that their filters are superior and show you that aftermarket filters are equal to or better than the OEM filter.

In this eBook we look at:

  • Aftermarket filter manufacturers making filters for OEM’s
  • Whether your OEM warranty is voided by using aftermarket filters
  • What’s different inside the filter
  • The major aftermarket filter brands in WA
  • How to choose a filter supplier in WA

This FREE eBook is designed to help you make the most informed decision possible, armed with the years of experience we have gleaned in the filter industry. Get it now and start saving on your filters spend.